Writing Literacy

My nightly routine looked a lot like this (but with more coffee).

My nightly routine looked a lot like this (but with more coffee).

Learning Outcome:

Writing literacy for chosen audiences, including the ability to draft and format an essay in an appropriate citation style.


1. COMM 613 Book Review

2. COMM 655 Book Review

3. Inquiry Project Proposal

My Experience:

During my time at Queens University of Charlotte, I did a great deal of writing. Between weekly blog posts, annotated bibliographies, literature reviews, and research papers, I was able to hone my writing skills and become familiar with the APA writing style. At the beginning of the course, I found writing to be much more of a challenge than I do now. I stumbled over in-text citations and found it hard to turn an idea into a full length paper. Now, my experience has made the process much easier. I can now string my thoughts together to form eloquent sentences, and citations are no longer as frightening. 

The weekly class discussions that I have been a part of have also helped me engage with my classmates through written content. Unlike a face-to-face conversation, online discussions are much more formal. The posts are similar to a formal paper, requiring in-text citations and references. This requires additional thought as I organized my thoughts into a 2-3 paragraph post. This absolutely strengthened my writing skills. I am now more capable of turning my ideas into written content, which is something that will carry over into my career.

Working for a news station, it will be my job to constantly write stories for the station’s website. The station’s credibility relies on my story being accurate and grammatically correct, which is a lot of pressure! However, I can now confidently say that I am prepared to create compelling and well-written stories for the public to read. My position also requires me to post creative and engaging content on the station’s social media platforms. Through my technology-focused courses, such as Creativity and Networking and Organizational Identity and Brand, I have gained a better understanding of how social media can help or hinder a company, depending on how it is utilized. My classes have taught me how to effectively use social media to brand a company, maintain a positive reputation, and connect with an online audience.



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